Mortality Insurance is like buying life insurance – the policy will pay if your horse dies or has to be “put down.” Payment is subject to policy conditions and exclusions, just like every other type of insurance.

Mortality policies are one of the easier policies to understand. They are not complicated, are written in plain language and are not long contracts. Be sure to read your policy carefully so there are no misunderstandings after a loss.

FULL MORTALITY is the most common basic coverage offered and should pay for the death of your horse by any cause except intentional destruction. Loss by theft is included (subject to a waiting period) and transit within the US and Canada is included. With most companies, no deductible applies. Many companies include some coverage for emergency colic surgery with their full mortality policies and pay up to $3,000 or 60% of the insured value of the horse, whichever comes first.

ACCIDENTAL DEATH ONLY will pay if your horse dies by an external accidental cause only. There is no coverage for death due to illness or injury and usually, no deductible applies.

For additional charges, there are several options most companies will add to Full Mortality policies. A deductible applies per claim applies and many of the additional premiums are “fully earned,” meaning the company will not return the unused portion of the premium if the policy cancels mid-term. Following are some of the more common optional coverages:

MAJOR MEDICAL/SURGICAL – Pays for veterinarian fees which are a direct result of medical and surgical treatment. With most companies, the Major Medical/Surgical Coverage limit will not exceed the insured value of the animal. Routine or “well care” costs are not covered, nor are the vet’s travel costs. Some policies will cover travel costs for the horse if surgery is required. Limits of coverage offered vary from limits of $5,000 to $15,000 and the per claim deductible amount vary by company.

EQUINE SURGICAL ONLY – Provides coverage for veterinarian fees which are a direct result of surgical treatment. Limits and deductibles vary by carrier.

EQUINE LOSS OF USE – Provides coverage for specified animals that, during the policy term, become permanently unfit for the exact use specified on the policy. The horse must first be insured for Full Mortality and Major Medical/Surgical. Along with a vet exam, full sets of x-rays are also required on all four legs. Rates run as high as an additional 3.9% and limits vary by company from 60% to 100% of the value of the horse.

INTERNATIONAL TRANSIT – Covers the air or boat trip into the United States as well as the quarantine period. Underwriters need to know the exact airline and flight information. The rate is usually only about an additional 1%.

STALLION INFERTILITY – This is a popular option many breeders purchase for a valuable breeding horse. There are a few other options available but most are fairly expensive and usually special conditions must be met (unborn foal, barrenness, etc.).

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