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DO YOU REALLY NEED INSURANCE? The answer is simple. No, you don't if you can afford to pay an attorney to defend you in a lawsuit and have the money in the bank to rebuild your barn, home or replace a horse that is valuable to you. Insurance was originally intended to help you recover from a  financial loss and pay your litigation costs. Sounds simple enough, but today, we live in a society where people question what their responsibilities are and hesitate to take responsibility for their own actions. Fortunately, there are programs available to insure you and your equine activities correctly and at competitive prices too!


The "Red Pony"


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Eve Willett ~ Equine Insurance Specialist

Comprehensive Stable, Ranch, Farm Programs Mortality, no vet exams for values under $100,000, includes major medical/surgical, theft, loss of use and more Trainer/Instructor Liability, Event & Show, Saddle Club, and Personal Horse Owner Policies

Put Eve’s 30 years experience to work for you!


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